Improve the connectivity and agility of your supply chain plans  

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Over the last few years, the business environment has become much more complex, uncertain, and connected. Companies that still perform their supply chain planning with slow and rigid processes notice that their plans are already outdated by the time they can execute on them.

The future of digital supply chain planning is Connected Planning. You can create plans based on real-time sales, supply chain, and finance data and create one integrated plan across your company with Connected Planning. And you can integrate short-, medium- and long-term planning and start using exception-based planning while leveraging advanced algorithms to optimize your plans.

During these three webinars, Anaplan partner Bluecrux will showcase how to kickstart your planning transformation and drastically shorten implementation lead times.

29 June: Exception-based demand planning in 8 weeks <available on demand soon>
Get ready to swiftly adjust when the market shifts without warning.

7 September: End-to-end supply network planning in 12 weeks
Elevate your supply chain planning maturity to the next level by seamlessly connecting your distribution, production, and capacity planning within one environment.

14 September: Scenario-driven supply chain network optimization
Learn how to evaluate and anticipate impactful risks and opportunities through a scenario-driven planning approach. Create mitigation plans, seize opportunities, and make decisions faster.

*These webinars are organized in collaboration with our partner Bluecrux. Registrations from any competitors of Anaplan or Bluecrux will be cancelled.

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